22. januara 2020.
Radio televizija Pančevo

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Recently, a NY State Supreme Court Judge dismissed a lawsuit by a former NY City firefighter who sought to overturn a decision by the NY City Landmark Preservation Commission to deny landmark status for the old Burlington Coat factory building in which the Islamic cultural center is to be built. nike air max trainer 94 kids Not surprisingly Fox is on it. Today, Golden State Warriors on Fox Nation, the headline reads „Ground Zero Mosque Wins in Court.“ (no quotes around „ground zero“).

Gretch mentioned how Palin coined the phrase best nike nba jerseys „mama grizzlies“ which, according to Lavelle Hawkins Buccaneers Jersey Gretch, „struck a chord with so many women across the nation.“ Gretch air max vapormax black got really excited when she cited an entire chapter in the kids air max burgundy book devoted to Mama grizzlies „and (Gretch really emoted) „you say, hey this isn’t a new phenomenon.“ Gretch had just the biggest grin on her face while Palin waxed poetic about how women are concerned about opportunities for nba jerseys size their children black air max kids and „don’t want government taking Nike Air Max 95 Enfants nba jerseys richmond va away those opportunities.“ Palin described the rugged life of Alaskan women and said „we who have been historic nba jerseys a man’s world recognize what it’s gonna take to get this country back on the right track.“ Gretch said that Palin’s comment sounded like „a feminist woman, a kind air max 2017 12.5 of christmas day 2013 nba jerseys trailblazer and you speak, in this book, about the difference between new nba jerseys celtics feminism and what they nike shoes air max kids think a woman should be and what Jordan Trainer Femme you see in yourself.“ (Mama Sarah ain’t one of nike sneakers mens air max blue and white those evil „feminazis“ no sireee). Palin attacked „so called feminists“ for „hypocrisy“ when they „try to invalidate who are working hard.“ Gretch grinned when Palin talked about the „take away“ „controversy“ over the chapter in which she writes about the „disservice“ (Gretch nodded) „that these feminists cause. Did you know that she won a VFW contest with a flag poem nba adidas jersey when she was in third grade She waxed poetic about this „symbol of freedom and opportunity black nike air max sneakers and God given rights.“…

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